Welcome to The Cross and The Lotus Website

Panchachuli Mt. Range, IndiaWelcome to The Cross and The Lotus website. The creators of this site are spiritual aspirants who follow the teachings brought to America by Paramhansa Yogananda in 1920 and continued through his fully realized disciple The Reverend Mother Yogacharya M. Hamilton and her chosen successor, The Reverend Yogacharya David Hickenbottom. This path is universal and these teachings are given freely to all.

Calendar of Events

We have groups in several cities in the United States and Canada who meet regularly. You are very welcome to attend. Find out the days, times and locations of Center Meetings and when and where Yogacharya David will be giving a talk. To get more specific information about these meetings, contact us directly.

Inspiring Talks and Music

Listen to powerful and uplifting spiritual talks by Mother Hamilton, Yogacharya David and others, as well as beautiful chanting and devotional music.


Mother's Centenary Video

Here's the link