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My Dear Friends,

I wish you a beautiful and meaningful Christmas in which you keep the spirit of Christ-Consciousness very much in the forefront of your attention. I have been involved in a very great Work these past days, feeling the primal power that rules this universe. It is true that God inhabits every bit of this creation and that we are all part and parcel of this blissful expression; this is what has been emphatically shown to me over these past days. I want you to know how much you are loved, in fact you are love itself made manifest. Truly the complete realization of this fact sets the soul free from all delusion of separation from God. I have experienced the engine of creation pulsating in every part of my Being, and it resonates an intimacy and joy that cannot be expressed. So I relate this experience in these brief words so that you might receive intuitionally all that God has given me; for it is yours. If I have not responded back to you by email or phone, or you have yet to receive Christmas wishes from me, then know it is not because I am not mindful of doing so, only that this inner experience has not allowed me to do so. I thought I would include the writing I read from this last Sunday about Joseph and Mary. Please receive my deepest love.

Ever yours in Christ-Consciousness,

Yogacharya David

A writing by David on Joseph and Mary