Devotional Music


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Invocation Said Each Day at Anandashram:

  Swami MuktanandaPrayer at Eventide


Chants from Anandashram:

  Ramnam by Papa

  Ramnam Flute by Shivanandadas

  Ramnam by Vinay

  Om Sri Ram The Only Song There Is by Prem Trikannad (Long Version)

  Swami Satchidananda's Ramnam


Songs to the Infinite - by Barbara Jean Benham (Mother's Daughter):

01 God Alone

02 My Infinite Beloved

03 God, Christ, Guru (Version 1)

04 Divine Mother's Lament

05 I'm On My Way Home

06 Listening to The Voice of God

07 My Divine Mother (Version 1)

08 Lord Comfort Me

09 Glory to God

10 In the Silent Night (Version 1)

11 My Virgin Song to The Infinite (Version 1)

12 God, Christ, Guru (Version 2)

13 My Divine Mother (Version 2)

14 In the Silent Night (Version 2)

15 My Virgin Song to The Infinite (Version 2)


Mother's Chants - by Janice Stevenson:

01 The Cross and The Lotus

02 Devotee's Prayer (O Master, My Savior)

03 O Lord, Hear My Prayer

04 Out of God's Paradise

05 Where Art Thou, My Lord

06 Hymn to Krishna

07 God's Lullaby


A Day in The Life of Anandashram (Playlist compiled by Yogacharya David):

01 Samadhi Opening

02 Sunder

03 Kunyambu

04 Sri Krishna

05 Mark & Terra

06 Anil

07 Vinay

08 Manju

09 Papa (Fast Version)

10 Swamiji

11 Tara

12 Shalini

13 Ashram Workers

14 Prayer by Swami Muktananda

15 Muktananda

16 Samadhi Closing

17 Sunder

18 Sushila

19 Bhavana

20 Arati

21 Samadhi Closing