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Memories of Mother

A collection of articles and stories about Mother Hamilton, written by devotees of hers and Yogacharya David's. This book is divided into three sections: Section 1 is the complete original edition of this book from 2001's 10th year anniversary celebration of Mother's Mahasamadhi. Section 2 comprises extra articles that were published in recent years in "The Cross and The Lotus Journal". Section 3 is all the contributions that Yogacharya David elicited from devotees in this last year in preparation for the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of Mother's Mahasamadhi, January 31, 2011.




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DVD: Mother Hamilton: A Divine Life

This video biography is about Mother's life and is available now for the first time. It was originally created in 2004 to celebrate Mother Hamilton's Centenary of her birth (December 25, 1904). This recent edition has improved picture quality and a few clips from Mother's movie film library from the 1950s. Narrated by Yogacharya David.

Also, includes two talks about Mother's Life by Yogacharya David when he was at Anandashram in 2002.

HD (High Definition) DVD available also. This DVD is 720p format and makes the most of the quality and resolution of the original photos. Please Note: There are no extra talks on the HD DVD because of the larger space required for HD. Caution: This HD DVD will only play on a Blu-Ray or HD Player.



HD DVD: $10

Gita Sandesh
Swami Ramdas’ commentary on Srimad Bhagavad Gita unraveling the evolutionary process of the human soul towards the Divine.


Glimpses of Divine Vision

A representative collection of Swami Ramdas’ sayings and writings, compiled by a devotee.


Cherished Memories

Enlivening experiences with Beloved Papa and Pujya Mataji, recorded by devotees.



The Gospel of Swami Ramdas
Presents a factual account of some of the incidents and conversations of Swami Ramdas and Mother Krishnabai, recorded (intermittently from 1953 to 1957) by Swami Satchidananda. A unique depiction of the activities and movements of Swami Ramdas and the Mother in and outside the Ashram, their close personal rapport with the devotees comes out in bold relief. Includes significant portions of conversations between Mother Hamilton and Swami Ramdas.


Guidelines for an Ashram Life
A booklet that includes concise and powerful writings by Swami Ramdas, Mother Krishnabai and Swami Satchidananda on giving pure service (seva).



Hints to Aspirants
Valuable advice to aspirants culled from the letters of Swami Ramdas.


In Quest of God
A graphic autographical account of Swami Ramdas’ unique experiences during the first year of his itinerant life all over India as a God-intoxicated Sadhu, culminating in his spiritual enlightenment.


Ramdas Speaks
A series of five volumes covering Swami Ramdas; talks and discourses during his world tour of 1954, recorded by Swami Satchidananda.